How to use business awards in B2B marketing

There are countless awards programmes across every industry.  Some are high-brow Grovesnor House award ceremonies that are the result of a robust and very competitive process.  Others are to make people feel good or for pure commercial benefit.

If there is a credible awards programme in your industry then it is worth looking at how you can integrate it into your marketing mix.  Why? 

  • Publicity – for your brand, your product or yourself
  • Credibility – of your brand, product or self
  • Networking – with clients, prospects, partners and influencers
  • Customer relations – get them involved either by entering them or celebrating with you
  • Brand positioning – if your market doesn’t know what you do, this can help!

So how can you get involved?

1. Sponsorship

Whether it’s overall sponsorship or sponsoring one of the awards, this can give you exposure to your market through the organisers pre and post ceremony marketing activity.  If you decide to sponsor an award, think carefully about which one, and why.  This comes down to your wider marketing objectives, but consider the brand association eg if you’re a technology company then you could sponsor the technology award, but that could exclude you from entering!  Look at who enters the award; are they potential customers or partners?  Consider who judges the award – are they competitors or influencers?

2. Nominate your customers

Nominating your customers for awards makes them feel good!  Not only does it demonstrate that you value them, but it also shows that the quality of the solution you’ve delivered is worth celebrating.  Customer endorsement of this magnitude is also great for publicity with your target audience.

3. Be a judge

The biggest problem with judging is the potential time you need to give up.  You do need to be committeed to giving your time away for free, but judging awards can be self-satisfying as well as give you valuable networking opportunities and credibility.

So there you are…  being involved in quality business awards can add real value to your customer relationships, support brand awareness and give you access to a priceless networking opportunity.

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