Which marketing measures should I care about?

Marketing measurement is a dodgy topic with many marketers.  Marketers aren’t like sales people and don’t warm to the idea of measuring how effective their marketing ideas and capabilities are.

Times have changed.  Marketing is now highly measureable and the years have brought learning.  But which measures should you be caring about?

These are some of the key metrics you should be measuring in a B2B environment:

  1. Number of leads generated
  2. Lead source – where do your leads come from?
  3. Quality of leads – do your leads meet the needs of sales and the business
  4. Leads through the sales process – do you know which leads turn to sales?
  5. Website traffic – how many people and where do they come from?
  6. Followers – who likes you, who follows you and who interacts with you?
  7. Conversion rates – email conversions, web form completions, registrations, downloads
  8. Awareness – benchmark market awareness over time

Obviously, each tactical marketing approach has its own marketing measurement technique.  And there is so much marketing intelligence available now that you can go into a lot of detail to understand exactly how effective every penny of your marketing spend is.

For some, this time can be spent elsewhere and the critical elements to measure are those above.  Provided the data is accurate and reliable, then this will give you the basis to understand where you need to spend more time considering the effectiveness of your marketing.

About Leigh Hopwood

Strategic Marketing Consultant | Chartered Marketer | Specialist in B2B Technology and Services Marketing. I can help your technology or services business be heard and grow. Email me on leigh@reddmarketing.co.uk.
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