Using Twitter to drive website traffic

You have 140 characters in a tweet. This can be the most effective 140 characters or the biggest waste of time and effort.

But first, get the set up of your Twitter account right. Your Twitter real name should be related not your keywords because it is highly searchable and will appear in Google search results. So make it relevant to you, a keyword people are likely to search on and something that people will want to click on.

Your bio allows you to create 160 characters that can appear in search results so start it with something appealing to your target market to make them want to follow you.

Just like a website, build links to and from your Twitter profile. Encourage links to your Twitter profile from others, including retweets and listing it on directories, your website etc.

Use this opportunity to build brand reputation by offering value, whilst directing people to your website. Adding links in your tweets to your website, and getting those tweets retweeted will grow your number of followers.

Sharing those links will encourage others to link to your website content. Others are encouraged to link from blog posts as well as tweets. These relevant links build authority and relevance for your website, having a positive impact on your SEO efforts, for little effort.

Make every tweet count. A single tweet about what you had for breakfast could result in followers unfollowing you. Have a clear strategy for your content whether that’s building thought leadership, sharing product information or sharing FAQ’s.

With quality content start to build your followers – they are more than just a follower. They could be customers, potential customers or influencers – they are people that could retweet your tweets or mention you, building your online brand.

Once you’ve started, don’t stop. Keep tweeting regularly and retweet relevant content from others to continue to build your online reputation.

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