Creating a keyword strategy

We all know that SEO is important to get our website visible on search engines, but where do you start? First, understand how your target market shops for your products and services. Whether an influencer looking for providers or the decision maker investigating recommendations, people use search engines to find a solution to their business problem.

If you look at the keywords used to find your website, you may find your company name is the most commonly used term. This means that most people that come to your site have used your company name and therefore already know you.

How can you be found by those that don’t know you?

The most important step is identifying the right keywords for your business. Develop a keyword strategy and keyword map based on what your customers and prospects use to find the solutions and services you offer – not what you think they use. This can make the difference between being found and not being visible.

First, identify the keywords you think are used to find your solutions. Select three keywords or phrases for your overall value proposition, plus three keywords or phrases per service and solution area.

These keywords may be brand names, solution names or business problems. You will find them by talking to your own experts, clients, studying competitor sites and using the Google Adword Keyword Tool to find other variations.

Using the Google Adword Keyword Tool, identify the keywords and phrases with the most search volumes. Make sure the keywords are relevant and specific to ensure the right, and therefore quality traffic is attracted to your site. The keywords that attract the greatest volume may be too broad and would therefore attract irrelevant visitors rather than the right visitors which could be a distraction if bad quality leads are created.

If the search traffic is high it can also mean the keyword or phrase is highly competitive, resulting in the visibility of your site appearing towards the top of the natural search results more unlikely.

Finding the balance between relevant keywords and driving sufficient quality traffic is the challenge but will ensure you appear high in natural search results.

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