Build website credibility and authority with an effective link building strategy

A link building strategy will give your website the credibility and authority required to help increase the visibility of your site on search engines.

Your sites authority is assessed against the authority of the sites you’re competing with. This competition isn’t necessarily the competition you face in the sales environment, but the competition you face ranking against your keywords.

So, when your prospects type in a keyword in Google, your site not only has to be optimised for that keyword in order to appear on the first page of the results, but also have greater authority compared to the other sites that appear on the first page.

To achieve greater authority, create links to and from your site. There are three elements to consider:

1) The number of links to your website – the more from a variety of domains, the better.

2) Links to a specific page optimised for that keyword – not just links to your home page

3) Links within your site using the keyword – link to and from the specific page using the keyword

Although I mention “the more links, the better”, it is important to ensure these links are still relevant. Irrelevant links could damage your brand and reputation in the longer term.

Relevant links such as posting quality content on industry websites that link back to a specific page focused on one keyword or phrase will help to increase visibility of your website on search engines when that keyword or phrase is entered. However, you need to create very many of these links consistently to have a greater and ongoing impact.

This can create quality and relevant links but wont necessarily get the volume. There are a number of other site types that you can link from:

a) Business directories

b) Social bookmarking

c) News sites

d) Guest blogging

e) Job sites

The biggest investment will be in time if you commit to link building using internal resources. Alternatively if you decide to outsource your link building make sure you find a credible agency that understands your business. Then measure and monitor their link building very closely to avoid high cost with little return.

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