The art of lead nurturing using email

Lead nurturing is an art.  It takes time to develop lead nurturing campaigns that can add real value to your lead management process.

Although email ideally should not be used alone, it can help nurture your target contacts if done effectively.  Integrating email with telemarketing and social media can build stronger relationships faster.

Using email for lead nurturing isn’t about sending a monthly email newsletter, or sending a sales pitch every day!  Think about where your prospects are in the buying process.  If they haven’t engaged with you yet then they will either never engage (and are most likely to unsubscribe) or they are not ready to buy.

If your prospects are not yet ready to buy, then they are either not looking to buy or are in the research phase.  Using email to share best practice, statistics, trends and research will provide your target contacts with support in these early stages of the buying process.  This will also reinforce your brand reputation as a thought leader and trusted advisor.

Use this time to shape your prospects opinion of the solutions and services that you offer.  Demonstrate what is possible and share how challenges can be overcome.  This is an opportunity to build trust and position your business as a valued partner that can help them cut costs, increase productivity, improve customer service etc.

Marketing automation systems that support lead nurturing through lead scoring will ensure that the leads you send to sales to follow up are worthy of their time.  Of course, this also means you keep your reputation as a quality lead generator in tact!

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