SEO – Have you got the basics covered?

Getting SEO right is an ever changing skillset. But I’m amazed at how many organisations still don’t seem to have the basics in place… although, you could argue that the basics keep changing!

Why is SEO so important? Google decides whether your website is worthy of a higher position based on the relevance and quality of your content and how it relates to linked sites. If you want to be found on the Internet, SEO is crucial.

1) Onpage signposts – page titles, URLs, meta data
Using your keywords, review your page titles, URLs and meta data to make sure they are using your keywords, and are conversational, not boring – and that they are completed! For example, use ‘BB strategic marketing from a seasoned professional’ rather than ‘Redd Marketing – Marketing Strategy’.

2) Dynamic blog content
It’s too easy to get stuck with content producing the same style of content in your blogs. Be creative and innovative by creating content with headlines that are questions or # of tips, as well as simply written articles. Use video, infographics and presentations where you can. Use newsworthy topics to example a point. This is all great content for Google to like your site.

3) Quality back links
Poor quality backlinks have a negative impact on your website; you need to remove them! Focus on building quality backlinks, not quantity. Do this by commenting on forums and discussions, sharing your content broadly and being conversational.

4) Drive engagement
The longer your visitors stay on your site, the happier Google is to position you higher. So target to increase average time per visitor and lower your bounce rate. Engaging content that takes people on a journey through your website will do that.

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