Content, content and more content

With B2B brands allocating more and more time and budget to content marketing, the internet is awash with information, tips, advice and opinion. This raises so many questions, such as

  1. How do you make your content stand out?
  2. Are we using content marketing in the right way?
  3. how do you make it easy for your customers and prospects to find relevant content on your website?

The answers lie in the basics of marketing.

  1. You stand out by being unique, relevant and timely – just like you always have had to be.
  2. Content should be written with the customer in mind and not for Google – but surely you’ve always done that?
  3. Deploying a semantic driven website with a rich customer experience will give your customers access to the information they are looking for, and more relevant content.

Ok, so the last point is relatively new.  But if you can organise your content more effectively on your website – either through simple categorisation in your blog, or using tags if you don’t have a comprehensive semantic engine, will help your visitors.

It’s far too easy to get lost in the latest fad and technological development. But stick true to core marketing principles and you can win.

About Leigh Hopwood

Strategic Marketing Consultant | Chartered Marketer | Specialist in B2B Technology and Services Marketing. I can help your technology or services business be heard and grow. Email me on
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One Response to Content, content and more content

  1. John Bottom says:

    Couldn’t agree more Leigh. Remember the basics, which is not to obsess too much about the channels but focus on relevance, helpfulness, timeliness – and above all standing out. As you say, there is so much content out there, you simply have to do it better than your competition. John

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